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We provide transformative consultancy services to release the potential of global leaders, teams and organisations. Together we create a psychologically safe work environment.




We offer a broad array of interactive workshops about constructive behaviour and communication. Our trainings are experiential, energetic, reflective and situation specific. 




We facilitate individual and group coaching sessions to bring about rapid and effective change in global organisations. Our coaching is supported by research-based diagnostic tools. 


Transforming Global Organizations by Transforming their Leaders

In a time when apps and websites replace entire industries and a single tweet can bring down empires, the old model of leadership can’t keep up:

Too structured, too rigid, too formal, too slow. What we need is a fresh approach to leadership.

We put hundreds of leaders through in-depth programs to transform their mindset – because our mindset drives our beliefs, and our beliefs drive our behaviors. This way, organizations become more constructive, which leads to agility and therefore more effectiveness.


We believe in...

Contagious Change. For us, leadership development is a team sport. It is almost impossible to develop leaders without activating the team and the culture around the leader. In our trainings, we use simple tools that are fun, easy to use and to pass on within the organization.

Transforming Mindset. Our experiences are designed to enable leaders to develop their mindset – the real determiner of effectiveness. A shift in mindset leads to better collaboration, a more constructive work environment and not least an increase in performance.

Diving Below the Surface. To create real change, leaders don’t need more action plans – they need to understand their own mindset: their drivers, their values, their habits. With our coaching methods, leaders obtain a deeper self-awareness and the ability to shift from a fixed to a growth mindset.



Skip Bowman



One of our core activities at Global Mindset are our transformational leadership and organizational development programs.
All programs consist of workshop sessions and are accompanied by personal coaching, digital learning quests and follow ups.
Our programs can be adjusted to the needs and the transformational process of your organization. 

Leading Across
How to understand yourself to understand others
In global companies, we work across different cultures, functions, organisational levels, stakeholders and interpersonal relationships. On this program you will learn how to communicate effectively within each of these areas by learning about your own communication style and how to influence others with impact.  This program is suitable for everybody in the organisation, with or without leadership experience. 
Leadership Fundamentals
Training program for new leaders
Being successful in a role doesn’t necessarily include being a good leader. For this, we need tools to communicate effectively with others. This program will help you gain insight into what motivates and drives others and understand their different needs of peers and employees. This program is most suitable for employees that are rather new in their management role. 
Leading Growth
Thriving towards a common goal
For a business to grow in a fast-moving work environment, we need to develop high growth habits. This program is about thriving towards an ambitious goal together as an organisation and how to create a growth mindset in everybody involved.   Suitable for everybody involved in an organisation’s business growth. 
Leading Others
Leadership development for experienced leaders
Before you can lead others, you first must be able to lead yourself. The objective of this program is to sharpen your understanding of team dynamics and to create synergies in teams. By defining your own role in a team, you learn how to recognise and develop strengths of the individual team members and how to bring people closer to each other. Suitable for team leaders. 
Leading Change
How to lead organizational change
Any type of organisational change is a big challenge, as it involves everybody in the organization. In this program you learn how to lead change effectively, as for example during a merger. You will build a common language in order to create transparency and trust across the different areas of the organisation. 



You can also develop your skills in your own time with one of our several online courses.
Have a browse through our broad catalogue of engaging classes where you can develop your soft skills.
You can get single classes or bundles.



Join our Digital Leadership Academy NEMO

  • Just-in-time and interactive learning
  • Tailored to learners’ needs
  • Engaging, challenging and professional
  • Access to specialists and experts
  • A wide network of skilled peers
  • Encourages social learning
  • Collaboration across borders
  • Flexible and cost-effective
  • Scalable training methods
  • Customized programs designed for clients


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We're organisational psychologists, communication consultants, actors, designers, teachers, and artists.
We all have global backgrounds. And we live and work around the world. We share a passion
for the work and are devoted to designing and delivering transformative programs for our clients.
Together we keep raising the bar.

Skip Bowman
Founder / CEO

Skip Bowman is an executive leadership coach and transformational expert focusing on leadership, team and organizational development in global enterprises. Recently, his programs have successfully stimulated growth and cultural change in tough economic and competitive conditions. He is the founder and managing director at Global Mindset, a global consultant company based in Copenhagen. 

Skip trains and coaches senior leaders and their teams in how to achieve transformations in business and culture through principles of “contagious change”: rapid, effective and sustainable change that is positive and self-catalyzing. His success builds on a combination of creating a powerful vision, designing creative concepts customized to the client, and fun to learn and use, as well as an ability to bring stakeholders from across the organization together in a strong coalition for change.

Globally savvy, he has major training commitments in Europe, North America, and more recently in Africa and the Middle East, including two clients in Saudi Arabia. He uses two working languages (Danish & English). He grew up in Perth, Australia and has spent the majority of the last 20 years in Europe. He has studied and worked in Switzerland, Denmark, England, and Sweden. After studying Finance in Australia, he attained his M.A. in Psychology and Languages in Denmark. Skip has a Master in Organizational Psychology (Denmark) and completed additional training in cross-cultural management, group dynamics, coaching, and cultural change. He is accredited in a number of test and development tools, e.g., Hogan, MBTI, FIRO-B, DISC, and is an experienced practitioner with Human Synergistics' tools.

Skip’s approach is based on 4 values: Challenge, Explore, Create, and Inspire. For him, the key mission of leadership and organizational development is to inspire change with original training and consulting methods that touch the hearts and minds of leaders, helping them to see and feel the reality of global challenges, and find the courage to think and act differently. Earlier in his career, he was responsible for leadership and organizational development at Ericsson, Denmark and Head of Human Resource Development at Tryg Insurance. For the last 8 years, he has been working as a consultant in Europe, Asia and Australia.


Skip’s clients include HSBC (ABB), VELUX, GN ReSound, SimCorp, Jabra, Siemens Energi, Vattenfald, ING, Coloplast, EG, Chr. Hansen, BHP Billiton, and Nestlé.

Louise Rath Mortensen 

Louise is fascinated by the drivers behind human motivation, both structural and personal, as well as the interpersonal dynamics of teams in action. 

As an organizational psychologist, she sees the incorporation of empirical knowledge, experiential training and the client’s personal experiences as one of the greatest ways to facilitate sustainable change. Louise has a natural curiosity which leads her to approach the tasks at hand with an open mind and an aim to explore the multiplicity of perspectives involved. All of which makes her an asset in the facilitation of sustainable leadership and organizational development.

As a Consultant in Global Mindset, Louise primarily does coaching and process consulting. 

Raised in the Netherlands, Louise moved to Denmark in 2003 where she attended higher education. Louise holds a Master's Degree in Psychology from University of Southern Denmark and Copenhagen University and has undergone extensive training in individual coaching and supervision of professional teams. Furthermore, she has completed courses in CBT and person-centred counselling and is an accredited practitioner of Global DISC, Hogan and Human Synergistics' CULTURE and STYLES tools.

Louise’s working languages are Danish, English and Dutch.

Malin Eckel

Malin is passionate about leading organisations sustainably regarding the interconnectiveness of systems, global and long-term thinking, reducing negative impacts, transforming businesses creatively and leading by inspirational actions.

She has gathered her work experience within the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and project management from Sweden to India. With a multicultural background Malin was born and raised in Germany and moved to Sweden 2014. She holds a master degree in Leadership for Sustainability from Malmö University. In 2017 Malin was part of the organizing team of TEDxFolketspark which enables and facilitates speakers to spread local ideas globally.  

As a learning and developing consultant Malin designs and implements the newest learning technologies to Global Mindset’s clients development journey. Furthermore Malin coaches and trains at our interactive and hands-on workshops and is an accredited practitioner of the Global DISC, Hogan and Human Synergistics' Culture and Styles tools.

Her professional working languages includes English and German, and she is a proficient user in Swedish.

Justyna Szewczyk
Consultant & Brand Manager


She is a proactive team player and a creative professional, who engages in every opportunity with professionalism and efficiency.


Born in Poland, graduated art schools and came to Denmark in 2005 to continue her education. She holds a BA degree, and Cand.merc. in marketing, communication and branding. She specialises in graphics, film and animations with a solid understanding of communication platforms and business aspects.


Her true passion is design and communication. As a part of the Global Mindset team, she designs all kinds of graphic materials, games, workbooks, learning tools, illustrations etc, records and cuts videos, makes drawings and 2D animations. She makes sure that Global Mindset's partners receive high quality results, with great attention to detail. 


Working languages are English, Polish and Danish.


Carolin-Therese Wolff
Senior Communication Consultant

For Carolin, everything revolves around communication, whereby communication has to be seen as a whole: it’s not only our choice of words, but everything that can be heard and seen – or rather: everything that leaves an impact and a feeling. She has therefore become a specialist in body language, rhetoric and voice control, which she applied to all the different fields she has been working in – as coach, author or as broadcaster.

Carolin holds a degree in linguistics and philosophy, which enables her to analyze all types of verbal and non-verbal communication and detect incoherencies in the logic of speech structure.

As a communication coach and presentation trainer, she pays very strong attention to paralinguistics such as micro signals we are sending without being aware of them. Her many years of experience in radio and TV broadcasting enable her to be especially attentive towards rhetoric and performance and to polish any presentation to perfection without the presenter losing his or her authenticity. With her strong communication skills she helps our clients to bring their message across exactly the way they would like to be perceived.

Grown up in Berlin, Germany, Carolin spent several years in New Zealand and Australia before she moved to Copenhagen. She is fluent in English, Danish and German.


Christine Khalifah
Associate consultant

Christine brings unique experience and expertise in voice, body language and performance from her interdisciplinary background as both a professional actor and a communications coach to her work in leadership training. 

She is a graduate of The National Theatre School of Canada, Canada’s leading theatre conservatory and holds a BA in Communication Studies. In her coaching work over the last five years, she has worked with everyone from doctors at the top medical school in Canada looking to improve their empathic communication skills in high stress environments to sales reps striving to increase the impact of their unspoken body language in the sales process and a board of directors looking to build stronger collaboration.

She is also the co-founder and former co-artistic director of Odelah Créations, a theatre company whose mandate was founded on the belief that exciting theatre is born in a risk-taking environment where artists can challenge and inspire one another. The company brings together artists from a range of disciplines and cultures to collaboratively develop theatre pieces from conception to full production, through improvisation, creation workshops and ideation exercises.

Christine’s extensive theatre and corporate coaching experience give her a unique point of entry into leadership training in today’s corporate environment, which increasingly demands stronger communication, presentation, and collaboration skills across cultures.

Christine works in both French and English.

Csaba Toth
Associate consultant


Csaba is a trainer and consultant helping organizations leverage personal and cultural differences so their employees and customers do not feel mistreated, frustrated, disengaged and choose the competition.

Csaba has over 15 years of academic, professional and personal experience in overcoming multicultural challenges which makes his approach practical, relevant and efficient.

He has master’s degrees in linguistics and international management, he is certified in DISC, NLP, Hofstede’s 6-D model, Lewis-model and he has completed several courses in neurocognitive behavioural approach and CBT.

He is the founder of ICQ consulting and developer of the ICF and CPD Standards accredited intercultural behavioral model called Intercultural DISC™. The model helps people understand and connect with others who have a different cultural background such as their generation, gender, profession, nationality and personality type.

Csaba has worked with global companies such as BBC, FMC Technologies, Thyssenkrupp, Knorr-Bremse, DeVere, Kew Greens and is also experienced in setting up and working together with start-ups.


Andrew Prior
Associate consultant

Andrew is a facilitator, coach and trainer focussing on leadership, team and organisational impact. He develops innovative programs with the goal of helping organisations transform their cultures and systems in order to create outstanding results, synergistic relationships and fulfilment through working and learning together.

He is a senior associate of Team Alchemy, Blue Ocean Company and the Demos Group. Andrew is also visiting professor at Eurecom research institute, where he facilitates learning processes in the area of business, personal development and team leadership. He collaborates with a wide range of clients from different sectors like engineering, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, telecommunications, education and Government.

Andrew facilitates, coaches and trains leaders and teams to improve collaboration and performance within and across organisations. He has 25 years experience with global organisations as a leader and facilitator of cultural and structural change. He delivers leadership trainings and workshops all over Europe in English and French.

He grew up in Scotland and has lived in England, USA, Spain, Germany, Denmark and France. After graduating with an engineering degree in Edinburgh, he was awarded an MBA in innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship in France. Andrew has additional training in process consulting, facilitation, coaching, creative problem solving, teams, conflict management, emotional intelligence, value systems and cultural change. He is accredited in MBTI, DiSC, Spiral Dynamics and the Team Alchemy System.

Before becoming an independent facilitator coach and trainer in 2004 he held several leadership roles in engineering, marketing and programme management for large global corporations in the telecoms industry. Andrew’s approach to personal and organisational transformation is systemic and integrative. His approach incorporates important values such as collaboration, inner harmony, creativity and accountability that inspire change in leaders, teams and organisations. 

Andrew is known for his ideas, enthusiasm and open minded thinking combined with a large toolbox of methods that proves invaluable in getting results. He is innovative, concentrates on the core questions and listens to customers' wishes. He can also adapt and realign what he already knows in a new way to create value for the client.

Beth Shapiro
Associate consultant

Beth Shapiro specializes in working with leaders, teams, and entire organizations to build engagement, improve performance, resolve conflict, and create sustainable change. Her work focuses on building the capacity to execute on business strategy and mission.


Beth holds a Master in Public Administration (MPA) from Harvard’s Kennedy School and is a Certified Professional and Relationship Systems Coach (PCC, ORSC). Her background includes 20+ years of management, leadership, and team-development work in the private and nonprofit sectors, including roles as marketing director, CEO, board member, and board chair. She has provided coaching and training in a variety of settings including Federal and state government, higher education, nonprofits, and a number of private sector industries.


As subject matter expert for Experiential Learning and Coaching, Beth played a leading role in the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s Security Evolution trainings, designed by IDEO and featured on 60 Minutes and MSNBC.com. She was the designer and leader of an extensive train-the-trainer program that prepared more than 1,000 TSA employees to train the entire 50,000+ workforce. The Department of Homeland Security included this transformational initiative among their top 10 successes for the year, and it has led to long-lasting change in both operations and culture at TSA.


Beth has served on the faculties of the prestigious Coaches Training Institute, and CRRGlobal, both schools credentialed by the International Coach Federation. She is certified in a number of diagnostic and assessment instruments including the MBTI, The Leadership Circle, and the Team Diagnostic. Trained in Adventure-Based Counseling, Beth has also worked in outdoor and challenge settings with people with disabilities, and those involved in recovery from violence and other trauma. 



Nic Thielsen
Associate consultant

Nic (Nicolai) Thielsen is a Senior Management Consultant, with strong expertise in Human Resource Management, Organizational Culture Change, Team performance and Leadership. Recently he has been working as interim HR Director in a large IT-services organization, with responsibilities for a transition program for app 1000 staff across to a new organization during an acquisition process. He is working as a network resource and is currently associated with Global Mindset, The Blue Ocean Company and Kongsted-Thielsen. He is also partner in the launch of Team Alchemy in Europe, and Certified Master Facilitator in deploying this concept. He is board member of several external boards.


Nic facilitates performance management programs, either via dialogue intensive learning activities on specific topics, or via structured processes based on surveys on individuals, teams or whole organizations. He has a solid experience in working in large, global companies, and has run employee engagement programs for large organizations – delivering process support and coaching in Europe, Asia and US. He is a strong advocate for the strengths based approach to performance management, and has worked with teams and organizational units to identify their collaboration potential in knowing about- and building upon - each other’s strengths.


Nic is Danish, and has a Candidate degree in Law from Copenhagen University. He also has a Strategy Diploma from Cornell University, and in addition holds several certifications within facilitation and team development. Out of university, he had a career in the downstream side of the oil business – managing a.o.t. a Chain of Gas Stations, and the domestic services organization across Denmark for Norsk Hydro Oil, the Norwegian oil company. He left the oil industry to become a consultant with Mercuri Sales & Service Management, and eventually formed an independent consulting company with 3 partners. Merging this company into a global TQM organization in 1993, Nic went to Singapore as Vice President to run the organization across Asia Pacific – servicing Scandinavian Clients as well as local companies/conglomerates. Nic has experiences from working on strategic and tactical level in the IT-sector, the Finance sector and the distribution part of discrete manufacturing.


In 1997 Nic became partner/co-owner of a Danish Strategy Boutique, and in 1998 CSC acquired this company, and Nic became head of the CSC Nordic Strategy Consulting unit. After managing the transition of a huge acquisition into CSC Nordic, he became Nordic HR Director, and then made a move to CSC Corporate level to run the engagement program for 90.000 staff. Nic left CSC in 2011, and has been independent since. Among other assignments, he has had 2 interim HR Director jobs abroad since then.

Nick Clark
Associate consultant

Nick is an Organizational Psychologist and executive coach with almost two decades of experience in improv­ing the effectiveness of leaders across a range of private and public sector organizations. Nick began his career as a freelance writer and training designer before switching his focus on strengths-based assessment and se­lection, leadership development and coaching. His clients are primarily from the Professional Services, Financial Services, Media, Automotive, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Engineering and Manufacturing sectors.


Nick has a strong track record of delivering innovative and effective solutions. Recently, he has been involved in the design and delivery of leadership development interventions for high potential manufacturing leaders, execu­tive coaching with partners in law firms and a global development process for senior procurement profession­als. Nick has a Master Degree in Occupational Psychology and has completed additional training in Cognitive Analytic Therapy and coaching. He is accredited in a number of psychometric tools, including Hogan, NEO-PIR, OPQ32, Firo Element B and the Leadership Judgment Indicator, and is a Phase 1 graduate of the Human Element.


Nick works with clients at all levels to help enhance their personal performance and professional effectiveness, to develop the attitudes and behaviors they need to lead more effectively, and to boost their well-being and enjoyment at work. His style is positive and constructive, and he brings high levels of energy, creativity and flexibility to his work. He has a deep understanding of the cultural and behavioral issues surrounding organ­izational change, enjoys complex or challenging assignments and relishes delivering practical and effective business solutions. His seeks to inspire his clients to make effective transitions by creating open and supportive relationships within which they can explore and test out more powerful and effective ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.


Valued for his flexibility, inclusivity and sense of fun, Nick has a strong track record in delivering leadership development programs at all levels. Nick has worked with leaders and teams from a number of global organi­zations, including Lafarge, GN, Airbus, Novartis, BMW, and De Beers. Recent work in China, India, Malaysia, United States and EMEA has deepened his insight into and awareness of global L&D and cultural issues.

Katie Dardagan
Associate consultant

Katie enables leaders to expand their capabilities while enhancing their perspectives on what really matters in their organizations. With over 20 years’ experience in executive and organizational development, Katie´s passion is in the design and delivery of leadership development processes, creating impact and sustainable change through working both the system and the mindsets that hold it in place. She draws on her own experience and training to translate and connect the theory with the real, everyday world of her clients, offering experiential learning that engages and motivates.


Katie has lead projects supporting organizational and culture change initiatives as well as facilitating team learning to enhance effectiveness in times of transition. As a facilitator, Katie has worked with groups from Board level to Senior Teams in over 25 countries and spanning a diverse cross-section of industries, from Financial Services to FMCG as well as Not for Profit organizations.


Outside of the executive development field, Katie worked in an auditing firm in the UK, leading a disperse team of 15 field consultants. She also managed key accounts while heading project design and delivery for a Consultancy in Madrid. Additionally, Katie worked as Academic Director of a Masters program with IE University’s School of Psychology (Master in Organizational Leadership) where she was responsible for design and content as well as for sourcing faculty globally.


Katie obtained a B.A. in English and French at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She has an Executive Masters from INSEAD in Clinical Psychology applied to Organizations. Katie is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) and she completed her coaching training with the Coaching Training Institute (CTI).

Katie is a member of the European Professional Women’s Network (EPWN) where she has actively and voluntarily been involved as a mentor for a group of ten women. She attends ISPSO conferences (International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations) and is also a member of AEDIPE (Spanish HR Directors Association) and ICF Global.

Mara Garofalo
Associate consultant

Mara Garofalo has been working as an executive coach and facilitator for over fourteen years, providing feedback and coaching to hundreds of international managers in how to better understand the way in which they function and how other people perceive their behaviors.


In addition, Mara specializes in cross-cultural awareness and leadership. Mara’s experience in multicultural environments is not only theoretical but practical. Mara is of Italian origin, was raised in Argentina and Peru, and has lived in France, Egypt, and Peru and has been living in Belgium for 20 years. She works in Italian, Spanish, French and English, and has a passive knowledge of Portuguese. She draws on her knowledge and experience in dealing with diverse cultures and situations when coaching and facilitating individuals and teams on cross-cultural understanding and communication and leadership. Her clients describe her as very capable in putting people at ease and creating an environment of trust that enables great results.


In the past few years Mara has been involved in coaching managers and executives in companies undergoing mergers, acquisitions; people who were expatriates or who had to deal with expatriate employers; individuals who were looking for growth possibilities within their organization or outside of it. She is especially interested in leadership development in all its inherent aspects and favors a holistic approach since leadership has an important component of skills and competences, but also relational and self-awareness elements.


She has worked in the private and public sectors, as well as for NGOs. Her client list includes AG Insurance, Telefonica, Endesa, BBVA, Santander, Alstom, EADS, Ciba, Medtronic, Philips, Mobinil (Egypt), Optimentus (Senegal), Mars, De Lage Landen, Lundbeck, among others through her association with the Center for Creative leadership. In addition Mara is a certified coach and trainer for the European institutions.


Mara is fluent in Italian, Spanish, French and English and has a working knowledge of Portuguese.


She obtained her Psychology degree in Paris and her Masters in Brussels. She also has an advanced degree in educational research and is currently enrolled at the University of East London in their Coaching Psychology Master program. She is a Board Certified Coach by the Center for Credentialing & Education (Greensboro, US), member of the Association for Coaching, and is certified in the use and application of numerous psychometric instruments such as MBTI, Firo-B, Californian Psychological Inventory (CPI), Conflict Dynamics Profile, Hay 360, Team Diagnostics and Hogan.

Birgit Jung
Associate consultant

Birgit Jung is an established Business Psychologist whose distinctive approach is to develop organizations and their leaders from a human-centric perspective. As a leadership expert, Birgit designs and implements in-depth leadership development programs to support key organizational business challenges, strategy implementation and future innovative steps.


Her interventions also cover the initiation and work with customer-centricity agendas: how to support organizations and leaders today in reaching a deeper understanding of their core customers, translate this knowledge into an outside-in view and capitalize on it to strengthen their organizational and leadership development processes.


Birgit operates internationally as a Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach (Denmark, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain and Luxembourg). Her expertise is primarily requested on individual leadership development processes and on leadership development initiatives and training programs both in the public and private sector. In development processes her focus is on involvement, current challenging leadership and business problems, cross-organizational dialogues and involvement of relevant stakeholders and customers.


In her career, Birgit has covered various leading positions. She was a former VP in Mannaz A/S, a Danish international leadership development consultancy and a valuable member of the specialist team in the Danish Broadcast DR2 program ‘Mission Leadership’. Birgit has also co-authored the book ‘Mission Leadership’ and has initiated and participated into the editorial board of the journal Business Psychology for 12 years.


Birgit holds a Master of Science in Organizational Psychology from the University of Copenhagen, a CBA from AVT Business School Copenhagen, and is certified in Hogan Personality Assessments, Human Synergistics’ Integrated Diagnostic tools, MBTI and CPI. She is Danish and has lived in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Delhi, Bangkok, Tokyo, Germany, USA Alaska and Seattle.

George Quek
Associate consultant

George T.K. Quek is an accomplished consultant, coach and facilitator who works with leaders and their teams to improve their individual and organisational leadership and management performance. He has trained, coached and consulted for more than 3,000 executives and leaders from over 100 organisations throughout the Asia Pacific in the last 5 years. Prior to that, he had over 15 years of senior leadership experience with Fortune 500 and regional multi-national corporations.


George believes in a holistic approach of Heart, Head and Hand of human performance optimisation. He supports his clients to not just exhibit the right behaviours (Hand) but also have aligned motives/beliefs/values (Heart) and awareness/knowledge (Head). 

George has lived and worked in Singapore, U.S.A., Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. As a result, he is proficient in the local languages and conducts coaching, facilitation and consulting in Mandarin, Cantonese in addition to English.

George’s expertise is in leadership soft skills like Coaching, Mentoring, Influencing, Conflict Management and the practice of Servant Leadership. Besides consulting and facilitating, he also serves as an executive coach to leaders and executives.

He is a recognized authority on Structured Mentoring in Asia having helped implemented mentoring initiatives for more than 20 organisations in the last 3 years. In 2004, George launched the first and to-date, the only program on “How to Set Up a Structured Mentoring Programme” for HR professionals throughout Asia.

George is an adjunct faculty with the Center for Creative Leadership, the world’s leading leadership development provider, where he is ranked one of their top coaches. In addition, George is the founding director of DistincTions Asia, a boutique consulting firm with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand.

David Reid
Associate consultant

David Reid is a highly experienced sales and business development strategist, consultant, coach and trainer and has been working in sales and business development for close to three decades. 

His expertise is in helping sales leaders create the right environment for people to thrive and then working alongside those same leaders and their teams ushering in the change necessary to bring that environment to life.  He has the unique ability to identify a person’s skills and attributes and utilise these qualities to their utmost potential.

His first foray into sales was selling human resource solutions business to business for an iconic Australian company, MicrOpay (now Sage). David was consistently one of their leading sales performers year in year out over a six-year period.  After a great degree of experience and expertise selling on a first-hand basis, David determined that there was more he could offer businesses from a management consulting point of view and in 2001, he established his own consultancy – David Reid Group. (DRG)

A significant client early on for DRG was the Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) who were making an aggressive push into the Australian business banking market between 2003 and 2008. During that time, David consulted with the key decision makers, coached their sales leaders on effective sales leadership and management, delivered sales training programmes to over 350 of their Business Development Managers (BDMs) and conducted over 100 individual coaching sessions for select BDMs.

More recently (since 2013), David has been working in both Kenya and Zambia helping local banks and their relationship managers better understand, connect and sell to the fast-growing SME sector. 

As a company, DRG has continued to grow and David now hand-picks experienced people with extensive backgrounds in sales and business development, branding and marketing to work collaboratively with DRG’s diverse client base who are multi-national, national and successful small medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in a wide variety of sectors including engineering services, banking, IT, professional services, manufacturing and retail.

David is committed to helping SME to improve their day to day business.  For the last fifteen years David has been the lead presenter on sales and marketing at Curtin University’s Business School - an open learning forum for SME businesses. 

David has an undergraduate degree majoring in Psychology and Chinese Economics, Politics, Society and Language (Mandarin). His post graduate studies are in Marketing.





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